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Hello prospective new members, My name is Josh Toney, my goal is to help people from all walks of life and lifestyles to become the best version of themselves. I have helped hundreds of individuals whether their goal is to gain weight, lose weight, peak at their sport, add weight to the bar, or simply get active; which is why I have created this site. Not only have I been tasked with molding others into what they want to be physically, but develop them into who they have always been mentally. My passions include working with others through physical training and creating sustained changes through healthy living. Life is all about balance and so is your body. An interesting thing about me is that I grew up playing just about any sport from football to soccer. Personally, I am a competitive powerlifter. For those that do not know what that is, it is a lifting competition where they see who can lift the most weight in the 3 exercises: the squat, bench, and deadlift. In my most recent powerlifting meet, I totaled 1,316 pounds in the 183 weight class. My squat was 468 pounds, with a 319 bench press, and a 529 deadlift. The programs we offer are for a wide variety of individuals who are looking to reach their goals. At the end of the day, this site is a way for me to give back the knowledge I have attained over the years to others!


  • USA Weightlifting coach
  • Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Competitive Powerlifter
Founder & Personal Trainer

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